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Wood Floor Repairs

Restore your wood floors to their former glory

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Wood Floor Repairs

Restore your wood floors to their former glory

Wooden floors can be seriously damaged by the surroundings, which will result in the boards having to be replaced. Dropping hot objects or harmful chemicals on the wooden floor may also result in damage, which may require replacement beyond sanding.

Water damage and flooding to timber floors are two of the most common reasons for board replacement on timber floors; we can perform this repair on laminate and engineered floors as well. Our technicians are well trained to handle any difficult task, and it will require surgery to insert replacement boards to replace the damaged ones. We guarantee your satisfaction with our floor finishing work, as our technicians have experience dealing with all timber floor repair situations. Our team of floor technicians can assist with every aspect of wood floor repair in London, from screwing down loose boards to replacing damaged ones.

Floorboards Repairs

As with many other things, accidents do happen, and wood flooring is no different. But how should you handle damage to your floor? Are you able to fix it yourself or should you get a professional to do it for you? You do not have to panic. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to repair the floor yourself. However, we recommend calling us first. Floorboard Repair is a type of spot repair for damaged portions of the floor, such as broken and distressed floorboards.

Even high-quality floors can pose major problems in some instances. Sanding and refinishing usually remove stains, minor water damage, dents, gaps, scratches, and other surface imperfections. Occasionally, the damage or imperfection is too severe to be removed by sanding alone. For situations such as damaged floorboards, serious moisture damage, deep dents, etc., sanding would not be an option and your floor would be in pristine condition.

As long-time professionals, we know what to do and how to accomplish it. Even better, we offer the most affordable service. This means you won't have to break the bank to have your floor professionally restored by one of our qualified, competent, and experienced wood floor specialists.

Parquet Floor Repairing

Shine restoration

Parquet Floor Repairs

Parquet flooring has a timeless appearance and is very durable and low maintenance. Solid wood floors, however, are susceptible to damage over time, even the most robust and elegant of them. By repairing any visible damage as soon as it occurs, you can ensure that your parquet flooring will retain its wonderful feel, unique beauty, and strength for a very long time.

Here at First Class Floor Sanding, we believe that every customer deserves to know what caused the damage to their floors, and what the results of repairs will be. Due to this, all of our parquet floor repair projects begin with a diagnosis of the problem areas. Our team will review the specific areas and levels of damage, as well as the most suitable restoration options, with you after the examination.

Based on the condition of your parquet floor, your budget, and your expectations, various repair services are available. We offer the following parquet repair services: • Replacing damaged parquet planks and blocks • Filing and reglueing • Color repair • Fine and rough parquet sanding • Refinishing. In fact, there are different solutions to different problems, which if not known, can easily lead to more issues. You can contact us if you believe the issue is small. A member of our team will arrive at your location as soon as possible to accurately diagnose and resolve the problem.

How to treat floorboards infestation?

The clear sign of floorboards infestation is the appearance of small holes on your flooring, cased by various wood-feeding vermin. It is sometimes possible to treat the infestation if you manage to notice it at an early stage. If there is dust around the holes this usually means that the infestation has started relatively soon and there is a good chance that your floorboards can be saved. Wood preserver and insecticide can help with this, although a more thorough treatment might be required depending on the level of infestation.

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With high-quality sanding and finishing services, you can extend the life of your gorgeous hardwood floors.

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