Stairway Sanding

Wooden stairways are too often neglected – or taken for granted as a carpet-covered connection from one floor to the next.

This can be a vast waste of their potential. Over and above the purely functional, a stairway is a sleeping beauty that can be revived to take its rightful place as the centerpiece of your property.

With their awkward shapes and fiddly corners, we often perceive stairways as beyond workable restoration: tricky and too much trouble.

Painstaking? Yes. Old layers of paint and varnish have to be stripped away before sanding and finishing.

Labour-intensive? – Small areas of wood need to be worked on by hand.

But look at the results! A fresh, clean, and perfectly vanished stairway can enhance your living or working space – and add considerable value to your property. Find out we can transform whether your stairway. Ask us for a free assessment today – with no obligation.

If you go ahead, there are two main options:

Sanding and coating the outsides of the treads and risers. With the middle section covered by a carpet.

This may be the only option with those stairways where the sides of the treads and risers have had years of different treatment to their centres. No sanding will produce a uniform appearance – as a ‘two tone’ appearance will persist.

Sanding and coating the entire tread and risers – and leaving the wood exposed.

For a striking effect, we can finish the risers in white, with the treads left under a clear coating to reveal the natural grain of the wood…

Please note: we usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don’t tackle banisters.

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