Floor Sanding Services

Dust Free Sanding

The First Class Floors and Sanding don’t use the outdated drum sanders that are still favoured by some competitor companies. We operate continuous belt machinery that is virtually dust-free. A mobile extraction unit follows our machines round and limits dust to virtually nothing.

You reap the benefits of a safer environment for your family. After normal sanding, microscopic dust particles can remain in the room for days.

Some dust is inevitable, but we minimise this by masking/screening and frequent vacuuming.

We also use edging sanders and find Bosch tools to get right into the corners for complete and even sanding.

Dustless floor sanding is a three-fold process:

*We carry out an overall sanding with a coarse-grade paper.

This will remove any old finishes and dents and pits in the wood surface.

* If your floor has never been renovated, it may still have some Victorian shellac (the staining usually around the edges of the floor), which quickly clogs the sanding pads.

We hand prepare this surface by lightly sanding with a medium-grade paper.

* Finally, a very fine-textured sand paper removes the tiniest of imperfections, leaving a smooth, silky surface.

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